descriptionTiny-CLOS port for Java
ownerMichael Weber
last changeThu, 12 Mar 2009 09:48:35 +0000
2009-03-12 Michael WeberSome more notes master
2009-02-02 Michael Weberminor refactoring
2008-12-26 Michael WeberRenamed POJOCLASS to POJO
2008-12-26 Michael WeberSimplify code
2008-12-24 Michael Webergetters&setters is a Map<Symbol,SlotInfo> (typo)
2008-12-24 Michael WeberAdd TODO list
2008-12-24 Michael WeberTypo
2008-12-24 Michael WeberFactor out SlotInfo as interface
2008-12-21 Michael WeberMore tests/examples
2008-12-21 Michael WeberReplace printObject stub with objectToString protocol
2008-12-21 Michael Webermake PRIMITIVECLASS final
2008-12-21 Michael WeberFixes to allow POJOs as parameters
2008-12-19 Michael WeberRemoved unused nfields slot
2008-12-19 Michael WeberCreate example object
2008-12-19 Michael WeberRemove unneeded slot nfields
2008-12-19 Michael Weberinitial import
9 years ago master