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After last year's foggy New Year's Eve we decided to play it safe this time and escape into the more favorable climate of Florida. We even managed to squeeze a cruise on the Norwegian Sky into the schedule!

We have released version 1.1 of LTSmin. This release adds a fair number of tools and functionality, and thus we have adjusted the description accordingly:

Minimization and Instantiation of Labelled Transition Systems

This release connects to NIPS and mCRL2, both for symbolic and distributed state-space generation. This neatly ties in with earlier work on distributed state-space generation.

The source code, installation instructions and manuals are available online:


LTSmin is currently being developed by the Formal Methods and Tools group at the University of Twente, The Netherlands.

The previous release was LTSmin 1.0.

The mind boggles. Now, here's Es: A Shell with Higher-Order Functions, written in 1993, and it has not spread like wildfire. It was even mentioned over at LtU some years ago.

On a related topic, Chung-chieh Shan has written about higher-order shell programs.

Lisp Logo (by Conrad Barsky)

The CLiki domain is back up now. I was wondering whether we should leave it unavailable, as that would perhaps accelerate the work on an alternative. But who knows how long that would take… A quick grep over my files showed that it is cheaper if I just pay the emergency renewal fee than to find and replace all links to it.

Now we have one year to figure out a permanent solution so that the domain does not expire accidentally for the fourth year in a row.

UPDATE 2009-04-05: Just to be clear

I am not the owner of the CLiki domain. Anyone can pay the emergency renewal fees. The last two times, Xach chimed in.

Lisp Logo (by Conrad Barsky)

Cliff Click (of HotSpot and other fame) writes about an email conversation between him, David Moon and Dan Weinreb.

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