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We have released version 1.4 of LTSmin. The following improvements have been implemented:

  • New tool ce-mpi for distributed cycle elimination (Simona Orzan)
  • New tool ltsmin-tracepp for pretty-printing traces to deadlock states
  • TorX support factored out into separate tools {lpo,lps,nips}2torx
  • Enumerative DFS support
  • Enumerative deadlock detection and trace output
  • Reworked ETF support (non-backwards compatible)
  • bash completion for LTSmin tools (see contrib/bash-completion/)

The source code, installation instructions and manuals are available online:


LTSmin is currently being developed by the Formal Methods and Tools group at the University of Twente, The Netherlands.

The previous release was LTSmin 1.3.


Finally, here she is! Both, baby and mama are fine.

Happy 0th Birthday, Vanessa!

Bluetooth Icon

I cannot recommend the MacOS X 10.5.8 upgrade. It promised to improve Bluetooth connectivity (my mouse occasionally loses connection shortly). After the upgrade, I now have to reboot to access BT keyboard and mouse after waking up the MacBook from sleep.

This seriously sucks. Dear Internet, if you happen to know a way around this please do help me out.

Screenshot of non-working OS X Bluetooth

Night Watch

2009-08-02 :: /photography

Playing around with the camera:

Time Machine Icon Click-click
Click-click who?
Click-click, dead hard disk, harbinger of panic attacks.

Thankfully, I am somewhat battle-hardened in this regard, and I had been using Apple's Time Machine as backup strategy. Even more lucky, I recently bought a NAS solution which automates backups completely and allowed me to forget about them.

The only remaining thrill was that until now, I did not get around verifying that a full restore actually works. However, Restoring from Time Machine delivers as advertised. A couple of hours after exchanging the hard disk, everything was back up again.

There are two small snags I encountered, though. First, the MacOS X installer does not recognize a completely empty hard disk. I used the Disk Utilities application (from the Utilities menu) to format the hard disk.

Second, while this is good enough for the installer to work, the Restore application still does not see the (now-formatted) hard disk. It helped to go back to the initial dialog of the installer (in which the language can be selected) and then go forward until I could choose Restore System from Backup (again from the Utilities menu).

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