Michael Weber: Random Bits and Pieces

...Please don't assume Lisp is only useful for Animation and Graphics, AI, Bioinformatics, B2B and E-Commerce, Data Mining, EDA/Semiconductor applications, Expert Systems, Finance, Intelligent Agents, Knowledge Management, Mechanical CAD, Modeling and Simulation, Natural Language, Optimization, Research, Risk Analysis, Scheduling, Telecom, and Web Authoring just because these are the only things they happened to list.

Kent M. Pitman

GNU/Emacs screenshot of dpANS CL Texinfo Edition

The dpans2texi tool converts the draft ANSI Common-Lisp Standard into texinfo format, suitable for reading with GNU/Emacs's info browser. I switched from HyperSpec-lookup inside Emacs with WThreeM, to Dillo some time ago and was quite happy, but so far, the texinfo version beats them both.


  • Stay inside Emacs
  • Fast startup
  • Searchable index
  • History