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Some time ago, Xach mentioned his Elisp snippet which inserts DEFPACKAGE forms into the current buffer.

I finally beefed up my version a little, so that it uses Emacs' buffer filename as default package name. For quick dabbling, visiting a new file and typing RET RET RET is enough. Otherwise, packages to be USEd can be autocompleted from the lists of loaded packages, thanks to SLIME.

Here goes:

(define-skeleton mwe:cl-defpackage-skeleton
  "Inserts a Common Lisp DEFPACKAGE skeleton."
  (skeleton-read "Package: " (if v1
  (if (setq v1 (bobp)) ";;; -*- Mode:Lisp; Syntax:ANSI-Common-Lisp;")
  & (if buffer-file-coding-system
        (concat " Coding:"
                 (coding-system-get buffer-file-coding-system 
  & " -*-"
  & \n
  & \n "(defpackage #:" str
  \n "(:nicknames" ("Nickname: " " #:" str) & ")" | '(kill-whole-line -1)
  \n "(:use #:CL" ((slime-read-package-name "USEd package: ") " #:" str) ")"
  ")" \n
  (if v1 "(in-package #:") & str & ")" & \n &

Works with skeleton mode from GNU Emacs (version 22.0.92). First-time users of autoinsert might want to use the following additional setup:

(eval-after-load 'autoinsert
     (push '(lisp-mode . mwe:cl-defpackage-skeleton) auto-insert-alist)
     (auto-insert-mode +1)))

(require 'autoinsert)

It is also possible to just M-x mwe:cl-defpackage-skeleton. If done somewhere else than at the beginning of a buffer, the comment and IN-PACKAGE form is not generated (useful for a packages.lisp file containing multiple package forms.)

UPDATE 2008-01-08: Old News...

The above skeleton is part of Redshank mode now.