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Mindless Link Propagation

via The Beeb:

Apparently, Russians are not panicking about Global Warming. Many even haven't heard about it.

A meteorologist in Arkhangelsk, in the north of Russia, once told me: "I know global warming is a problem, but I would welcome a bit of warmth up here. Then I could grow my own tomatoes."

We spoke as we stood on ice in the middle of the frozen Dvina river. The temperature was approaching -25C.

A Kind of MAGICC

2007-08-23 :: /mlp
via lemonodor:

There is some pretty cool technology coming out of the MAGICC Lab:

I cannot help feeling a little uncomfortable about the potential uses of this, however.

Photo of c-jump game Some stuff you just can't make up. From the c-jump website:

Discover fundamentals of computer programming by playing a board game! c-jump helps children to learn basics of programming languages, such as C, C++ and Java.

While I believe that learning how to think algorithmically early on is a good idea, I would dispute that C and C-like languages are rewarding choices as first languages. Alan Kay and the SqueakLand folks have something to say about teaching programming to kids as well.

via LtU:

I seem to have missed the previously discussed PLT Redex tool, A Visual Environment for Developing Context-Sensitive Term Rewriting Systems.

Threads Cannot be Implemented as a Library

I read Hans Boehm's paper earlier this year, but good to be reminded of it.

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