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Academic December

2009-12-11 :: /fun

It is downright scary how accurately PhD comics keep documenting my life:

PhD comic 120909

(I am on holidays all of December to play with my Little One, during the day. Which effectively means that I work from home and at night four days per week, and only go one day per week to university... Oh well. Did I mention the guy in the comic is named Mike?)

UPDATE 2010-01-14: Two More...

PhD comic 011110

PhD comic 011310

Typically Dutch

2009-06-29 :: /fun

I cannot think of something more typically Dutch than transporting your lunch sandwich on a bicycle like this:

Picture showing a sandwich tied to a bicycle luggage rack
You don’t ever own a bicycle in Florence; you just look after it for a while for the bike thieves.

After seeing how the locals park their velos, I can sort of see why:

Photo of a bike

Also, nevermind the narrow one-way streets through which buses are zooming frequently.

No kidding: