Michael Weber: Random Bits and Pieces

Yesterday night, the building we lived in burned down. We escaped with just luck and what we were wearing at the time.

Main point is nobody got hurt. Now we are piecing things back together. SNAFU.

Fire at Marktstraat

(Photo: TC Tubantia)

UPDATE 2009-05-07: Back on Track...

Since May 1st we have a new place to live, in record time even! Drop me an email if you would like to know our new address.

You don’t ever own a bicycle in Florence; you just look after it for a while for the bike thieves.

After seeing how the locals park their velos, I can sort of see why:

Photo of a bike

Also, nevermind the narrow one-way streets through which buses are zooming frequently.

Lisp Logo (by Conrad Barsky)

Today I stumbled upon the discussion forum for ILC2009. Why did Planet Lisp not tell me before? Slackers.

We have released version 1.2 of LTSmin. The following improvements have been implemented:

  • Option parsing is now performed using the popt library. Thus, all long options now start with a double minus.
  • Users can choose between BuDDy and ATermDD as the decision diagram library used in the symbolic tools.
  • A new compressed file format for labeled transition systems with arbitrary numbers of state and edge labels has been implemented.
  • The symbolic tools can write the results of the reachability analysis in the form of an ETF (Enumerated Table Format) file. This ETF file can be used as input for the reachabilty tools and can be directly translated to DVE.

The source code, installation instructions and manuals are available online:


LTSmin is currently being developed by the Formal Methods and Tools group at the University of Twente, The Netherlands.

The previous release was LTSmin 1.1.