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Why is it that I have to know secret key combinations to set up a (network) Windows Printer on OS X without loosing my mind? Here's what you get without:

'Add Printer' Dialog

When just clicking on the More Printers... button, we get:

'More Printers...' Dialog

Now, below is the same dialog when holding the Option key (nee alt) while clicking on the More Printers... button:

'More Printers...' Dialog (Extended)

Check out the Devices dialog after selecting the newly visible Advanced choice:

Devices in 'More Printers...' Dialog (Extended)

What gives? In that dialog, I can finally enter a smb:// style device URI.

Bonus-Boggle: at least in my current hardware constellation, I need to enter the password in cleartext! Like so:


Nevermind that I get asked for the password later on in a dialog as well, but if I don't put it into the URI (which ends up in /etc/cups/printers.conf), I am not able to print!


Lisp Logo (by Conrad Barsky)

In best billc style... ;^)
I have mentioned some of my Emacs hacks for editing Common Lisp code here, here, and here (the latter of which Troels Henriksen ported to Climacs). So, I finally dusted off some more code-wrangling Emacs macros and bundled them up in the Redshank minor mode. Obligatory screencast:

Still of Redshank Screencast

The provided functionality is quite embryonic still, but I expect it to continue to grow.

For actual code motion and manipulation of Lisp code, I heavily rely on the excellent Paredit mode, with a minimal dependency on SLIME (the dependency might grow in the future, as more sophisticated refactoring likely requires cooperation from a running Lisp.)

For laughs comparison, I'd like to see the same done for unparenthesized code...
Okay, enough smugness for today. Now read the best Common Lisp Tutorial, and start hacking away!

First Reactions after Prerelease to the Raving Masses a Priviledged Audience

antifuchs | michaelw: o_O this is awesome

     jmbr | michaelw: I've just downloaded redshank. It's quite cool!

 michaelw | pkhuong: eh, okay ECONTEXT :) defclass-skeleton now
            inserts parenthesis balanced
  pkhuong | michaelw: ah good, good! I might have to try it out then
 michaelw | (bonus: customizable accessor style)
  pkhuong | so I can have foo-of instead of get-foo too? That
          | was my other objection (:

     Xach | I am eagerly awaiting the Planet Lisp link!

p.s.: In the right window of the screencast, key strokes were recorded with mwe-log-commands.

p.p.s: The screencasting itself was a major pain. In this case, I am willing to put part of the blame on my inexperience, for the rest I blame the tools I used. A somewhat more detailed account of this may appear under the Rants section.

via The Beeb:

Apparently, Russians are not panicking about Global Warming. Many even haven't heard about it.

A meteorologist in Arkhangelsk, in the north of Russia, once told me: "I know global warming is a problem, but I would welcome a bit of warmth up here. Then I could grow my own tomatoes."

We spoke as we stood on ice in the middle of the frozen Dvina river. The temperature was approaching -25C.