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Opening LDAP

This week's fun with LDAP

The mission: get LDAP running, and authenticate both system- and non-system users for a variety of services. A quick count gave:

  • SMTP auth (via SASL, I think)
  • IMAP auth
  • DAV, Davical & various SVNs
  • Owncloud
  • Pebble (blog server)
  • JIRA
  • Jenkins
  • Sonar
  • OpenVPN

Members should be in corresponding groups to gain access to a service. The box itself should still use PAM/passwd, and not authorize against LDAP. Passwords are stored as hashes in LDAP; ldappasswd can be used to (re)set it.

Installing OpenLDAP revealed that most of the slapd-config is now stored…in LDAP itself, so instead of `vi` for configuration you'll have to use LDIF; I'd recommend Apache Directory Studio.

Debian's "migrationtools"-package provides a handful of Perl scripts like "migrate_base.pl", which will chew through your passwd and generate a sensible LDIF script.

First catch: This script will give you entries of objectClasses account/posixAccount -- a day later we will find out that we actually want inetOrgPerson (which is incompatible with "account"): that's a class that will actually give you separate first name/last name (givenName & sn), and the mail-attribute for non-system-users. While my initial test with Sonar worked nicely (it just needs to lookup a uid, check the password, and render the full name from cn), JIRA has higher requirements.

I was hoping to get away with "account/posixAccount" for system users, and inetOrgPerson for the others, but either I need to "mix in" the additionally required attributes for JIRA, or change all "posixAccount"s to inetOrgPerson. Ick. Now although all system I looked at allow you to define a filter for authentication (which we can set up to look for uid in either account or inetOrgPerson), I don't see how to get the missing attributes into the "account"s.

For future reference, Redmine will be happy with posixAccount.

extensibleObject to the rescue! It seems you can just slap objectClass:extensibleObject onto an account and get all the missing required fields.

Specifically, we additionally require sn,givenName,mail.

Second catch: Using the memberof-filter for group access requires reconfiguring slapd with the additional module: Fortunately Serverfault provides the info already for the new-style slapd-configuration via cn=config! I haven't managed to install the overlay for groupOfUniqueNames yet, so we're stuck with groupOfNames -- I can't get ldapmodify to work on cn=config, and there's no slapmodify, only slapadd which now no longer works.


Now JIRA not only has a User Object Filter (defaults to "(objectclass=inetorgperson)", we'll use "(*(|(objectclass=inetorgperson)(objectclass=account))(memberof=cn=sonar,ou=Group,dc=foldr,dc=org))"), but also needs the "User Object Class". Since we expect different types, set it to "*".

JIRA's Create on First Login will nuke your group-settings, if you happened to have an internal account that now gets turned into an LDAP-account; you'll only get the default groups.

Do NOT lock yourself out of JIRA. Keep an internal JIRA user directory with a super-users who isn't also in LDAP, seriously. (Stop slapd if you have trouble authenticating against the internal directory.)


a2enmod authnz_ldap Limitation: You can't have auth_digest with LDAP, since the password is hashed. So SSL it is.

After that, I wasted good part of the afternoon in figuring out that for my use-case (proxy authentication) I need to send a Proxy-Authorization-header instead of the plain "Authorization: Basic" :-/ That was a painful waste of time, since neither my desktop nor my Android easily allowed me to try out CONNECT, and I had to resort to telnet.

Next problem: we don't serve SSL on svn.foldr.org. Which brings us back to RIPE allocations.

RIPE allocations

Hm, ich dachte, Hoster wollen mein Geld, warum müssen sie das dann so umständlich machen?! Wir wollen doch nur eine weitere IPv4 Adresse weil wir sie brauchen! Wir sind das Internet. Vielleicht hilft dieser Walkthrough ja...

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