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Mission accomplished

Cuy by mad_vs
Cuy, a photo by mad_vs on Flickr.

Cuy chactado.

Catarata de Capua

Catarata de Capua by mad_vs
Catarata de Capua.

Rescatan a jóvenes perdidos en las cataratas de Capua en Yura -- El Pueblo, Arequipa, Feb 27th


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SUNday (on skis)

SUNday (on skis) by mad_vs
SUNday (on skis), a photo by mad_vs on Flickr.

SUNday (on skis)

Sunset near Tryvann

Sunset near Tryvann by mad_vs
Sunset near Tryvann, a photo by mad_vs on Flickr.

Sunset near Tryvann

Keine Rheinkultur 2012

Schade :-( Die Pressemitteilung von November ist bei mir bisher unter dem Radar durchgetaucht. Dafür hätte ich wie immer einen ziemlichen Umweg in Kauf genommen.

Norwegian Outlet (before IKEA)

No more shopping this year.

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No sync for Keychains on iCloud

Dear Apple fanboys, note that the mandatory move to iCloud by summer 2012 will mean that among others the MacOS Keychains are no longer synched.


I have a nifty Samsung Galaxy S-II now, anyway. One less reason for another iPad.

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