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A Festival for Live and Interactive Art & Technology

This sounds mildly interesting:

Art.on.Wires is a laboratory space in which creative artists and researchers explore technology for live, interactive and mixed-reality spaces.

http://art-on-wires.org/, May 10 - 13 2010, Oslo, Norway.

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Rop Gonggrijp presenting at University of Oslo

Rop Gonggrijp will be giving a talk on the security of electronic voting on April 20th 2010 here in Oslo.

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Was macht eigentlich gerade Guido Westerwelle?

Wird ihm vom Vulkanausbruch die Schau gestohlen? Um den Druck aufrecht zu halten, hier mal wieder das Beste via YT, von den Vakanten Genies Heinz im Sinn.

Finder's Keeper

Finder's Keeper
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