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Making the news

Why do I always end up with the Chinese?


The University of Oslo gave everyone who arrived in like the last quarter a big welcome and survival guides. I guess if you wouldn't get into a group where half of the people are ex-colleagues anyway, it indeed could be a bit frustrating up here.

According to folk lore, Norwegians are shy (inside Norway, not when traveling), and leave work early (around 16:00). So you might indeed have some trouble establishing some kind of social network. Oh, and going out for drinks or dinner usually requires taking out a mortgage. So UiO thought they'd show us the ropes around everything Norwegian, and throw in a breakfast for good measure—and a UiO coffee mug!

Read the article at the university's website.

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Re: Making the news

 Did you notice that the image subtitle says "From right", and starts with your name, although you are clearly sitting to the left (last but one)?

Avatar: Volker Stolz

Re: Making the news

Jo, aber ich bin schon froh, dass sie noch meinen Nachnamen korrigieren konnten, bevor es in Druck ging. Das andere ist dann nur ein Messfehler :-)

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