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Turing Machine

A must-see for CompSci undergrads

I have to say I appreciate the pointless detailed description of its features. But I'd expected a serial console after the point where he explains how to load a program. (This just in via Einar. Waaaa, I've become a YouTube-MLPer.)

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51st State

So far I've successfully avoided traveling through the UK on business trips. Looks like I should avoid France as well (be patient, watch the end):

While it would have been possible to see Peter Gabriel's tour New Blood (Orchestra, No Drums, No Guitars) in Paris or Berlin, we have indeed opted for London, where we're gonna crash Charles' place in posh Egham and even have an excursion to meet my ex-boss 2h north.

So let's see how this RyanAir thing from Not-Oslo (Rygge) to Not-London (Stansted) turns out. Truth be told, we're actually only doing this to stack up on tax free booze.

See you back on Monday, but not for much, Easter's coming up.

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Dissing Subversion

Strong-worded opinion from Joel Spolsky on Subversion:

If you are using Subversion, stop it. Just stop. Subversion = Leeches. Mercurial and Git = Antibiotics. We have better technology now.

Read Distributed Version Control is here to stay, baby.

Gotta get something to cleanup the coffee spills, was a bit early in the morning for stuff like this.

Making the news

Why do I always end up with the Chinese?


The University of Oslo gave everyone who arrived in like the last quarter a big welcome and survival guides. I guess if you wouldn't get into a group where half of the people are ex-colleagues anyway, it indeed could be a bit frustrating up here.

According to folk lore, Norwegians are shy (inside Norway, not when traveling), and leave work early (around 16:00). So you might indeed have some trouble establishing some kind of social network. Oh, and going out for drinks or dinner usually requires taking out a mortgage. So UiO thought they'd show us the ropes around everything Norwegian, and throw in a breakfast for good measure—and a UiO coffee mug!

Read the article at the university's website.

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End of solitary confinement

After living (more or less) a bachelor's life for the past three years again, I'm finally sharing an apartment again. Oh, fond memories coming back from the depth of my pictures folder that I'd like to share :-)

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