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The grass is always greener on the other side.

So, here I am, finally returning to Europe. I hope it was the right decision.

Things I won't be getting now are practicing my Mandarin with native speakers, or good weather and beaches for most part of the year. I've also not taken the opportunity to get "filthy rich" in a company doing software model checking (but maybe that chance will come back...). And I'm also still worrying about the expenses in Norway. But maybe polar lights and family-visits for 100EUR instead of 1000EUR make up for it. And I'd never thought that I'd ever have to turn down a job offer from Australia.

I feel a bit sad for leaving. There's still so much work to do here, and as some of you know, there's also a missed opportunity in all this mess that made my departure necessary.

I hope I still can be professionally in touch with Zhiming and his group. There's still some great fun to be had, and interesting research, too.

I'll still be here for a while longer, until around mid-February with a short stint  in Bejing next week and hopefully a stop-over in Germany.

Oslo, here I come.

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