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Oh, oh, oh

Sep 28 20:40:47 rCosinus Terminal[956]: Error loading /Library/Components/BambooScribeTSC.component/Contents/MacOS/BambooScribeTSC: dlopen(/Library/Components/BambooScribeTSC.component/Contents/MacOS/BambooScribeTSC, 262): no suitable image found. Did find:\n /Library/Components/BambooScribeTSC.component/Contents/MacOS/BambooScribeTSC: no matching architecture in universal wrapper

Sheesh, that was short fun :-/ Why do upgrades have to break EVERYTHING? The Wacom/Bamboo Scribe-combo was recognizing my Chinese practice rather well, but stopped after the Snow Leopard upgrade.

Fortunately, Michael gave me a hint which lead at least to a workaround: Some apps can be forced into 32bit mode, like TextEdit, iCal and Safari, by selecting "Get Info" / Cmd-I on the application and switching on "Open in 32-bit mode". Note that his may seriously limit the functionality of the app in question (e.g. Safari)! But it may be a viable work-around, at least for me it is, since I only need TextEdit, and it works fine there. See the Wacom forum thread.

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