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Will someone think of the secretaries!

Lufthansa states that:

For your security, you will in future need your Miles & More PIN to book an upgrade to a higher class of travel at the airport.

Oh, the joy, I can already see everybody digging out their laptops and burning 10 EUR on UMTS charges to find out their PIN at the LH service desk. And then still calling their secretaries at 4am in a different time zone :)

I hope it helps at least...then you only have the LH back office snooping through your profile, opposed to all of the front line staff.

Let's just hope that nobody starts taping the PIN to their membership card ;)

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Add three minutes after eating better.

Die Peking-Ente -- When all like to eat is baked!

Ich zitier mal die Bedienungsanleitung der Instant-Peking-Ente (eingeschweißt im Beutel), die mir Wang Zheng freundlicherweise aus -- Überraschung! -- Peking mitgebracht hat:

Open directly to duck Miso volumes together and cut Scallion directly after eating. He can also be found in milk and microwave heating Add three minutes before eating better.

(Groß-/Kleinschreibung und Interpunktion originalgetreu)

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