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Broken teeth

Sometimes you really wonder how fake some things can be in China. It looks like a cork screw, but after the third bottle (and two teeth down), it's only trash.

9 MB of nothingness

Recently, while updating Eclipse...that's a load of not much, I say!


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Private keys in Java's keytool

A keytool without keys is just ... a fool

I was just preparing a new release of our fabulous rCOS modeler when I thought I might annoy people a bit more by signing the JARs.

Silly me, expecting that a keytool manages keys. Okay, granted, it's not called keyimporter, but then....So today's reading: Import private key and certificate into Java Key Store (JKS) (thank you, Agent Bob). I thought it was much easier back in 2004 when I made my master student sign the code from his thesis....

I'll have to look into jGuru's advice which seems to work directly on the .pkcs12 and IBM's KeyMan later...and wiring it up with the FSFE SmartCard :)


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Vanilla Skype

Skype protocol cracked

Via Fefe, a paper from the EADS Corporate Research Center (p.40):
  • TOM-Skype and eBay.cn-Skype censor incoming text messages on behalf of the Chinese government
  • Both versions are shipped with a ContentFilter.exe binary
  • It is a plugin that is verified and loaded automatically by Skype
  • Words are matched against an encrypted list of simplified chinese expressions

By the way, don't expect that the content filters will surprise anyone here.

Split personality

Spot the difference

Discovered recently as I was cleaning my bibliography files.


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The Four Treasures of the Study


The four treasures:

  • ink stone
  • brush
  • ink stick (above)
  • paper
I got a small one from an exhibition of Huizhou artists for around 6 EUR.

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Happy Chinese New Year!

Not so much for that little piggy...


And that was only the first of about 13 courses! Mjamm

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