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Volker's African Diary

(with apologies to Bill Bryson)

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The Past

I haven't found the time recently to post anything on the blog. You would expect that life in Macau is quieter than from wherever you might be reading this (Aachen, Paris, Montreal), but apparently bad time management can be a great equaliser. Combine this with a lot of travelling, and you have half the world believing your dead.

Especially the recent weeks passed almost on auto pilot:

  • two weeks at a summer school in Guiyang, China, which included a memorable visit to the Huangguoshu pubu, the largest waterfall in Asia;
  • coming back just in time for michaelw's visit to Macau;
  • leaving two days before him to travel to FM'08 in Finland where I presented the rCOS modeler;
  • and then a short stint at my parents' place to call in on family and friends (and we all know how those end...).

After getting back to Macau (which included a personal shuttle across M√ľnchen airport because my incoming flight was terribly delayed, I had two weeks to prepare for the next trip: I'll be teaching Java for three weeks at the African University of Science and Technology (AUST-Abuja) in Abuja Nigeria!

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The Present

So here I am, sitting in a rather nice dorm room on the campus on the outskirts of Abuja. Who would have thought...Travelling was so far agreeable, Qatar provided impeccable services and even the transfer in Lagos airport, which has euphemistically been described as exciting was virtually uneventful. Unfortunately I couldn't see too much from the plane.

AUST send a driver to pick me and another chap, who just came in from Ghana to do his master here, up from the airport and drove us down the highway to the campus. I got the short tour of the campus and met Dr. Voltaire, a nice fellow who is running the place. As there's no phone line out here yet, we even get mobile phones! A cafeteria dinner of spaghetti and beef concluded the day and I eventually fazed out with jet-lag and around 26h of travelling to the thunderous sound of rain on the tin roof.

A short breakfast with instant coffee brought me back to life today and I checked out the office assigned to me. Everything here on campus is sparkling new and just recently finished or not finished yet. But we have water, power and decent food, which is what researchers crave for most :) Oh, and, if you can read this apparently Internet access.

[Go read a book: Bill Bryson's African Diary!]
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