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Apple: Half-assed brilliance

When I read on Gizmodo, that the new iMac can double as a monitor it looked to good to be true. After finding out that their statement is slightly misleading it turned out it is too good to be true.

The catch is, you'll only get this nifty feature if you shell out for the 27" model which is $500 more expensive than the smallest 21.5" model. Incidentally, considerably less than $500 will fetch you a  very nice separate monitor at the additional cost of taking up space on your desk. Apart from the obvious monetary reason you might have opted for a 21.5" model because it takes up considerably less space than its larger brother. I think you get where I'm headed with this...

To sum it up: For marketing reasons Out of pure greed Apple withholds a nice feature of the new iMac from the model that, in my opinion, would benefit most from it.
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