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Get a N810

...if you fit the profile.

Want non-painful surfing on the road without lugging a netbook around? Care to have a usable ssh client with you at all times? Wanna check your email on a screen that's not laughable?

800x480 pixels, several days standby time 4+ hours continous operation. Linux under the hood. Even PDF reading is a good notch above tolerable, even if definitely sub-par when compared to any e-ink based device.

Nice for movies on the road (though not at hardware resolution), not so nice but tolerable for audio playback (sound isn't bad, the stock media player is). Very nice for games that can be played inside of the ScummVM!

Caveat: No PIM to speak of, though there are some third-party apps that might fit the bill if syncing is not an issue. And you'll need a phone to tether it to (or Wifi coverage where you want to use it).
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